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Enjoy a unified vision

of your IT health status

Guarantee the continuity of your business and services

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Be more efficient

With Shinken Enterprise, guarantee the continuity of your activity, ensure the availability of your services and you still can save time

Get bigger, we adapt

Its distributed architecture makes Shinken Enterprise flexible and scalable to adapt to your IT and its evolution

Easily monitor

Simply adopt Shinken Enterprise, whatever your profile (System Administrator, CIO…) thanks to its full-web, intuitive and user-friendly interface

Shinken Enterprise guides you in your decision-making

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Monitor with Shinken Enterprise

Monitor easily and efficiently your IT to guarantee your business continuity

You consider your IT as the backbone of your company? We too. Manage your IT daily through the unified vision of your infrastructure’s health status.

Detect and prevent the failures faster to reduce the time of unavailability of your services. Collaborate and exchange with all the business units.

Scalability and performance

The distributed architecture is one of the key element of Shinken concept. It explains the flexibility, scalability and high availability of Shinken Enterprise.

With a single configuration, your monitoring tool will easily and perfectly fit to your IT and strategic choices (multi-datacenter, multi-teams, compartmentalized environment).


  • Scalability
  • Single configuration
  • High availability (RAID type)
  • Multi-datacenter & Multi-role
  • No central database (no SPOF)
  • DMZ management: connection from LAN to DMZ

Integrated innovative interface

Configure Shinken Enterprise and monitor your IT easily with its full-web, ergonomics and intuitive interface.

You can customize your Hive (visualization portal) and your dashboards according to your profile and needs.


  • Visualization and configuration interface
  • Full-web
  • Ergonomics and intuitive
  • Unified view of your IT
  • Customizable by profile, business application, environment, datacenter…

Configuration automatization

Shinken Enterprise detects any change or new element on your IT.

Thanks to the rules you configured and to the reading of different datasources, Shinken Enterprise suggests to apply the most adapted dependency links and templates.

Configure your IT in just a few clicks!


  • Configuration automatization
  • Auto-discovery
  • Multi-datasources (Active Directory, VSphere, CMDB, IP, flat files…)
  • Definition of your IT dependency links

Decision-making support

First, define the significance level of your different business applications. Then, Shinken Enterprise will be able to prioritize the alerts according to their business impact and help you with your decision making.


  • Business classification
  • Business impact
  • Business impact can evolve according the time period
  • SLA report

Root problem 

Find the root problem. Shinken Enterprise can quickly identify the cause of the failure through its correlation ability and its awareness of the dependency links between elements.

You will only receive notifications to solve the problem without being spammed by countless impacts related alerts.


  • Root problem detection
  • Receipt of essential alerts
  • Prioritized notifications (by business impact)
  • Multichannel and scheduled notifications (text, email …)


Quickly and easily migrate from Nagios or Shinken Framework to Shinken Enterprise

Shinken Enterprise is totally compatible with Nagios and of course with Shinken Framework.

It only takes you two steps to enjoy the full power of our turnkey solution: save your current configuration files, and clean them up to reach the Shinken Enterprise standards.